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  • Andrew Kemmetmueller

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Updated: Aug 14, 2018

The world is constantly changing, and sometimes it feels faster than ever. Companies in nearly every field are feeling the pressure to innovate, keep ahead of the competition, or continue to provide outstanding service. Time to "elevate" our game!

Laying the foundation for corporate innovation

Innovation through Inspiration

There are three things people enjoy in the world, regardless of country or culture:

1) A good hero story, with a happy ending

2) Beautiful art, music, or poetry

3) Watching the impossible become possible

All three share one thread: Inspiration. People want and need to be inspired, it draws out the best in them. Granted, we can't all spend our days waiting for someone to swim the English Channel to be motivated in our jobs, but managers know that celebrating the exceptions can lead to positive results.

When a company is trying to find the "next big thing" or revolutionize their business, corporate innovation can often take a rigid structure and create a sense of obligation. Even employees with innovation in their title may feel less enthusiastic about the process. Sure, new products and services happen, but the examples in Silicon Valley and elsewhere demonstrate the transient nature of loyalty employees show today.

What is missing? My vote is inspiration. Having floated in and out of companies of every size over the last decade, I have seen a severe lack of encouragement for employees with new ideas or a new approach. Clearly, companies need to have their employees in the performance zone most of the time, but providing room for creativity and clear inspiration about the importance of innovation will have an outsized impact on growth.

Be the change

We have an opportunity to be actors in the evolution of a better world. Technology is a fantastic tool that can provide radical improvements to our lives, and a chance to make a difference. As Ralph Waldo Emerson stated: